Born in Baltimore on March 23rd, 1990, Jhawk had an interest in music at an early age. From playing drums for the “Sunshine Band” at church or leading their choir, he gained an ear for music that would ultimately pave the way for years to come. Singing in the gospel choir and playing drums for the church, he later crossed over, relating his music to his day to day life both struggles and triumphs. After losing his sister in 2009 and then his girlfriend in 2012 Jhawk began to turn his tragedy into triumph with a brand new drive and motivation that surpassed any level he had shown before. Doing venues at places like “The Fillmore Silver Spring, who host artist such as Bryson Tiller, Wale, MGK, and various other artist and opening up for artists such as Dj Khaled at Vain night club in Orlando, Florida, he has shown that he has the drive and determination needed make a name for himself Nationally. A beast lyrically and behind the mic with his rapping and singing, he doesn’t quit there. Jhawkstarted “Hawks Nest Productions” and does all the recording, mixing and mastering on various artist from his home town as well as other surrounding states. With his hit single “Beat It Up Ft Hollywood” being spun on WPGC 95.5 by Dj Tony Redz with the live interview, to having a song engineered by him for one of the artist from his area being played on Listen Vision Radio by Eddie Kayne and touching airwaves in 44 countries, Jhawk has developed a sound that cannot be denied. With His most recent single entitled “Stay the Night Ft Akapella Dizzy” reaching 8k plays and 61 repost on soundcloud in less than a week, he has set the standard for his area and continues to push further than he ever imagined.